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Set in 430 acres on the
Silver Coast, one of the most
picturesque areas of Portugal


Set in 430 acres on the Silver Coast, one of the most picturesque areas of Portugal, running the length of the Atlantic from Lisbon in the South to Porto in the North. Situated in the Ribatejo area in central Portugal, it’s about one hour’s drive from the international airport of Lisbon and one and one and half hour’s drive from Portugal’s second city of Porto, famous for its Port wine.

At Aqueduct Estate, nature, wellness and sport combine in the layout of the golf course, with the fairways bordered by by groves and olive trees forming the perfect setting for your swing. Thanks to the designers, who have enhanced the beauty of its landscape, the 18 hole layout throw down the gauntlet to the most expert players but also guarantee an enjoyable experience to passionate beginners.

Respect and love for nature are essential aspects in this sport and the Aqueduct Estate Golf Club has been committed to preserving its most precious asset: the landscape that welcomes it. The recovery of rainwater for irrigation and out eco-friendly maintenance techniques are just some of the actions that are necessary to achieve an international guarantee of high quality-sport.

Designed and built to the highest standards these villas and apartments provide an enviable place to live and play in a private and secure hideaway. Additional facilities include high end dining, 24/7 concierge service, heated swimming pool, gym tennis courts, health spa and children’s play area, all supported by exceptional staff.

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